Monday, April 11, 2016

Camp Writing

Moment in Time Camp I see the massive rock in and out the rapids. I hear the others yell as they try to catch up. I feel the drips as the others splash me. I wonder how long the river is. I taste the disgusting river water in my mouth. I hear the screams of the others as they hit the rocks. I feel the bottom of the river when I fall in. I see the others get stuck on a rock. I smell the sweet smell of victory. I see the rock we are allowed to jump off. I wonder where the others are. I got to sit in the front of the raft and I fell back. I hear the sound of the awesome air pistols. I see the other riding their horses uphill as mine still walks on flat ground. I taste the horrible taste of algae when Charlie throughs algae in my mouth . We keep on going even though I am thirsty for revenge we come to the pond that we have to climb across on two wires one for your arms other for your legs it was hard because everyone was wobbling the wires we made it though we overtook a team on that obstacle. Jeremy was trying to tell us we couldn’t past but we did anyway. We shout for celebrations when my team wins the archery and we try not to show off but we can't really help it. It was me, Lucas, Nathan and Gus against Luke, Oliver, Charlie, Elijah and Angus we were outnumbered and we still won. I was nice and proud about my accomplishments and was happy. THE END

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